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  • Nick: babbian
  • Age: 18
  • I am: bisexual
  • I like: Anal, Group sex, Oral
  • Ethnic: White
  • Couple: No
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 Hello! My name is Barbara and Im from Sweden. I'm 20 years old and I graduaded from school last year. I went on a restaurant school, so I know how to cook a good meal ;) The man's love for the woman starts, after all, through stomach ;)

My Fantasies

Woow... do I dare to share? hehe.. Well.. I ALWAYS fantasize that Im hooking up with a girl on a night club and then we go by mistake into the men's room. And there stands a handsome guy who know immediately what we wnat to do... ;)

Why you need to see me...

No one can be dissatisfied with what I can offer. I'm very wild and is always alone in my big bed. I can not wait until I get to show off my sexy body. I usually get komplingar for my butt and my pussy and my small firm breasts. They look absolutely perfect out of the girls and guys;)

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