Shoeplay (English)

It would be hard, if not impossible, to explain why we find shoeplay so damn hot and sexy. I suppose it has something to do with the "show and hide" thing...the same thing that makes a strip tease sexy... the same thing that makes incredibly sexy a woman that removes her stockings.
But what is shoeplay?
In a few words... it's a woman playing with her shoe, simply as that. She can remove a little bit of the back of her foot, pointing her fingers down ("heel popping"), she can sit down, cross her legs, and let her shoe dangling from her foot ("dangling")... or she can continuosly going inside and out of her shoe while standing up, letting the sole of her foot press against the shoe, to give the foot a small scratch ("dipping")... or she can just remove her shoe, slowly, caressing her foot a bit with her hand ("shoe removal").

And we, foot fetishists, like all of these things. We find them totally hot and sexy. Looking at a woman doing this is, sometimes, hotter than looking at a naked woman... but please, don't try to judge us. Don't try to understand. It's just what we like.

This happens on a daily basis here on, because our girls know exactly what a foot fetishist wants to see, what he likes to see, what excites him... and they are always ready to tease you... always...