The "Melany" Sexy Interview of DOLCEMIELEORO

Interview date: 06-11-2009
Age: 45

RIV: How did you hear about RIVfetish and why did you decide to put your contacts up for sale?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I was curious by being able to show myself and have fun.
RIV: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Yes, a lot. I love having eyes on me also when I walk on the street and I like dressing really sexy.
RIV: Describe your bedroom.
DOLCEMIELEORO: I have a queen bed even if I live alone, a wardrobe full of clothes for all occasions, a tall vertical mirror, a few stuffed animals, and makeup all over my dresser.
RIV: How do you usually dress in your daily life?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I usually wear low-cut jeans and a shirt or a low-cut top. Or else a denim miniskirt. I always have boots on or in summer I wear high-heel sandals.
RIV: Do you use a lot of makeup?
DOLCEMIELEORO: No, I only put on what’s needed and only for enhancing not covering.
RIV: How high are your heels?
DOLCEMIELEORO: It depends…for day-to-day, 2-6 cm, but in the evening I can go up to even 10-12.
RIV: What's your favorite kind of lingerie?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I like being nude underneath my clothes, even when I’m wearing a skirt, but when I put on underwear I like thongs with different colors from the classic whit or black to all kinds of colors. But when I wear them they can always be "seen". I like balconette bras but I prefer going without because I like to feel the fabric caressing my skin.
RIV: What part of your body do you like most and what would you like to change?
DOLCEMIELEORO: We women are always hard on ourselves, but judging from what others say about me, I look good like this.
RIV: What makes you mad?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Rude people and wickedness.
RIV: How do people make you happy?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Sometimes I don’t need much, maybe a thought, and maybe a little sweetness.
RIV: What cliché bothers you the most?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I don’t know….maybe beautiful = stupid.
RIV: What would you never give up?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Travelling and have fun going out on the town or maybe I should say Nutella. :)
RIV: What kind of places do you hang out in?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I like change, from pubs to clubs.
RIV: Have you ever been to privè clubs?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Yes, out of curiosity and to try something new.
RIV: You go to a deserted island: what three things can you not be separated with ever (men excluded).
DOLCEMIELEORO: A few books, a bunch of chocolate and sun cream.
RIV: Tell us about a craving you recently satisfied.
DOLCEMIELEORO: A pair of super high heel shoes.
RIV: How would you define transgression?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Fun and no taboo.
RIV: How old were you when you did it for the first time?
DOLCEMIELEORO: With a woman when I was 16, and with a man when I was 18.
RIV: What’s the weirdest place where you made love?
DOLCEMIELEORO: In a school closet with a woman and in the metro at night with a man.
RIV: Where do you dream of doing it?
DOLCEMIELEORO: You tell me :)
RIV: Have you ever had a lesbian experience?
RIV: What are your sexual fantasies? Is there a particular fantasy that has never come true?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I like being watched, tied up and dominate. While a fantasy that has never come true is double penetration.
RIV: What is your ideal man?
DOLCEMIELEORO: A cheerful person, considerate, who knows how to deal with my naughty, passionate character.
RIV: Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
RIV: What does a man have to do to attract your attention? And if he asks you out what would you like him to arrange for you?
DOLCEMIELEORO: He has to be nice and kind. A pleasant evening would start off in a nice restaurant with some good wind, then dancing, and then….and then….
RIV: What is your main weapon for seducing a man?
DOLCEMIELEORO: My look, with a low neckline and sexy movement.
RIV: How do you dress if you want to be really provocative?
DOLCEMIELEORO: I leave very little to the imagination playing with see-through and with a long dress and a slit up to my hip, and bare back, and…
RIV: What makes you excited?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Kisses on my neck.
RIV: What’s your favorite position?
DOLCEMIELEORO: From behind and sitting on top of him.
RIV: What’s your favorite preliminary?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Oral sex, but that is also an excellent ending :)
RIV: And what do you like doing?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Oral sex and playing with another woman
RIV: Do you dominate in bed or do you let yourself be dominated?
RIV: Does size matter in sex?
DOLCEMIELEORO: It depends, sometimes yes, others a little less.
RIV: Do you use “toys” during sex?
RIV: When did you last make love?
DOLCEMIELEORO: Love, about 3 months ago, sex, last Saturday.
RIV: Have you ever had a threesome?
DOLCEMIELEORO: No, but in four-six, yes. Always as couples.
RIV: Do your friends know what you do online?
RIV: What do your neighbors say about you?
DOLCEMIELEORO: “MELANY is such a good girl”…If they only knew….
RIV: Have you ever met somebody in person that you met online?
DOLCEMIELEORO: only women and a few couples
RIV: Is it true that there are lots of people who would like to see you wearing a t-shirt with the RIVfetish logo on your breast? :-)
DOLCEMIELEORO: yes, actually, I’m waiting for somebody to give me one.
RIV: Let’s get your fans excited: where are you going on vacation this summer?
DOLCEMIELEORO: since I love sunbathing in the nude, I think I’ll go to the Canaries or Croatia.