The "unagatta" Sexy Interview of UNAGATTA

Interview date: 06-11-2009
Nick: unagatta
City: napoli
Age: 47

RIV: How did you hear about RIVfetish and why did you decide to put your contacts up for sale?
UNAGATTA: I saw piece by Iene on TV and decided to sell my contacts for fun, and out of curiosity
RIV: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
UNAGATTA: I am an exhibitionist!
RIV: Describe your bedroom.
UNAGATTA: The walls of my bedroom are light yellowish, a very hot color, the light is always very soft, and it there is always a sweet scent of the sea, I have dark wood floors and a big Persian rug that really enhances the setting, my bed is blue with a soft and comfortable headboard, I almost always have silk sheets because I love them so much, I have a nice leather armchair where I always lay my lingerie, and a big mirror because I always like watching.
RIV: How do you usually dress in your daily life?
UNAGATTA: I’m usually very athletic even if lingerie is always with lace, I love boots and short skirts but I also love jeans and stretch tops, I love dresses that show off my figure and sweaters that are a little see-through.
RIV: Do you use a lot of makeup?
UNAGATTA: No, almost never, I’m UNAGATTA water and soap, natural beauty, my make-up is very natural
RIV: How high are your heels?
UNAGATTA: max 6, since I’m already almost 6 ft.
RIV: What's your favorite kind of lingerie?
UNAGATTA: I like black lace a lot, culottes and thongs, in summer I wear white a lot and also colors, I have a lot of pink lingerie, I wear thigh-highs and one-pieces.
RIV: What part of your body do you like most and what would you like to change?
UNAGATTA: Give a little fix? The part of my body I like the most is my bottom. For now I don’t think I want to change anything. I’m beautiful like this.
RIV: What makes you mad?
UNAGATTA: I hate lies, vulgarity, banality and disrespect!
RIV: How do people make you happy?
UNAGATTA: with a smile
RIV: What cliché bothers you the most?
UNAGATTA: indifference
RIV: What would you never give up?
UNAGATTA: food, sex and freedom
RIV: What kind of places do you hang out in?
UNAGATTA: I like seaside restaurants a lot, or maybe typical little bistro.
RIV: Have you ever been to privè clubs?
UNAGATTA: Not usually, but I like it sometimes.
RIV: You go to a deserted island: what three things can you not be separated with ever (men excluded).
UNAGATTA: cream, scented body oil and mousse for my curly hair
RIV: Tell us about a craving you recently satisfied.
UNAGATTA: I went hang-gliding
RIV: How would you define transgression?
UNAGATTA: a way of living your life with complete and total freedom of expression
RIV: How old were you when you did it for the first time?
RIV: What’s the weirdest place where you made love?
UNAGATTA: in a phone booth on a day when it was pouring rain
RIV: Where do you dream of doing it?
UNAGATTA: in a plane
RIV: Have you ever had a lesbian experience?
UNAGATTA: yes, also because I'm bi
RIV: What are your sexual fantasies? Is there a particular fantasy that has never come true?
UNAGATTA: I like threesomes and I like watching a lot, I still haven’t managed to have sex with a priest.
RIV: What is your ideal man?
UNAGATTA: I like gentlemen a lot.
RIV: Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
UNAGATTA: boxers for men
RIV: What does a man have to do to attract your attention? And if he asks you out what would you like him to arrange for you?
UNAGATTA: He has to make me laugh and has to be brilliant, I would like him to cook a fish-based dinner for me, on a boat
RIV: What is your main weapon for seducing a man?
UNAGATTA: sensuality, and my glance
RIV: How do you dress if you want to be really provocative?
UNAGATTA: black dress with thigh-highs that you can just barely see, high heels and a shawl.
RIV: What makes you excited?
UNAGATTA: when I’m being watched, and then I need to be discovered
RIV: What’s your favorite position?
UNAGATTA: doggie style
RIV: What’s your favorite preliminary?
UNAGATTA: I love being just slightly licked on the inside of my thighs
RIV: And what do you like doing?
UNAGATTA: I love play games with my mouth
RIV: Do you dominate in bed or do you let yourself be dominated?
UNAGATTA: usually I dominate….but when I find the right man, I like being dominated
RIV: Does size matter in sex?
RIV: Do you use “toys” during sex?
UNAGATTA: sometimes
RIV: When did you last make love?
UNAGATTA: 30 minutes ago
RIV: Have you ever had a threesome?
UNAGATTA: Many times
RIV: Do your friends know what you do online?
RIV: What do your neighbors say about you?
UNAGATTA: that I am very helpful and nice
RIV: Have you ever met somebody in person that you met online?
RIV: Is it true that there are lots of people who would like to see you wearing a t-shirt with the RIVfetish logo on your breast? :-)
UNAGATTA:  yeah, give me one!!! hehehe
RIV: Let’s get your fans excited: where are you going on vacation this summer?
UNAGATTA: in Polynesia